Welcome to The Green Hills Ranch!

The Green Hills Ranch has pastured organic eggs for sale and sells to the local North County, San Diego, and Orange County, CA area (100 mile radius of Vista, CA). Here at The Green Hills Ranch, we want to bring you the best organic free range pastured eggs possible. That means a healthy, natural environment for our fifty happy hens and three roosters. While our eggs qualify as free range eggs, we feel pastured eggs is a better description, as our chickens do not simply have access to the outdoors, but are allowed to run wild and free during the day. Because The Green Hills Ranch chickens are free to roam on organic green pasture under the blue sunny skies of North County, California, our organic pastured eggs are tastier, healthier, more environmentally friendly, and more humane. We invite you to taste the difference!

Mission Statement: The Green Hills Ranch is committed to providing superior organic pastured eggs to the local community.  We ensure our organic pastured eggs are produced by humanely treated animals and sustainable farming practices and are the most nutritious and delicious organic pastured eggs possible.

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